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Steam Turbines For Sale


We have available Steam Turbines as listed below:

75 MW Steam Turbine Mitsubishi Industries Ltd., 60Hz.

Mitsubishi (Ser. No. T-407, 75000 KW rated capacity), 3600 rpm, 127kgs/sq.cm.g. Inltet steam pressure, 538 degrees C inlet steam temperature and reheat temp., 700mm. AG exhaust vacuum, tandem compound type, double exhaust. Rotor Turning Gear – Mitsubishi, Type CSS-80, 1,300 liters/min. Capacity, 2 kgs./sq.cm. Total head, 1800 rpm, coupled to: 11/5.5 kw Induction Motor – MEC Superline, Ser. No. 5906-4018, 440 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 1660/17720 rpm. Governor Valve Servomotor – Mitsubishi, oil pressure drive, cylindrical piston type valve.

165.9 MW Steam Turbine Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. 60Hz

Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., (Ser. No. KD69066G, 165900 KW max. continous output), 157400 kw rated output, 140 kgs./sq.cm. Turbine inlet steam pressure, 538 degrees C reheat steam temp. and inlet steam temp. 0.75 kgs./sq.cm. abs. turbine exhaust pressure, 3600 rpm, tandem compound, 3-casing double flow exhaust reaction.

100 MW Steam Turbine Hitachi Ltd. 60Hz.

Hitachi Ltd., Type- Impulse, two Casing, tandem compound, reheat condensing, double flow for low pressure stage; 100MW rated capacity; 14.69 Mpa Design pressure; 12.41 Mpa Steam pressure; 538 oC Steam temperature; 3,600 rpm Speed; 528 oC Steam RH temperature; 22 stages. Generators: Hitachi Ltd., Type- Totally enclosed, explosion-proof, hydrogen-cooled with cylindrical rotor; 120MVA rating; 13.8 KV voltage; 60 Hz.; 0.85 Power factor; 3600 rpm.

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