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Updated 03.25..2009

Sold Sold Sold!
Here's a sampling of EIE's past completed projects.

Natural Gas Cummins For Sale

 Edwards Industrial Past Highlights


Boric Acid Tanker completed for Nuclear Plant
Turbine Oil Lub Skid completed for Nuclear Plant
Cummins Power Modules 60 hz to Reseller
Cummins Power Modules 50 hz to Refinery in South America
Surplus New Valves Delivered to Merchant Power Plant End User
Rewind and Shaft Modifications of 3000 HP Synchronous Motor to Steel Mill End User
Hard to Find Pumps Delivered to Nuclear End User 1st Sample
Hard to Find Pumps Delivered to Nuclear End User 2nd Sample
Wholesale Liquidation of Surplus Cable & Wire to Reseller
Repair 450 HP Vertical Solid Shaft Motor for Nuclear Plant
Wholesale Clever Brooks Aux Boiler to Reseller
New Surplus Gould 3415 Split Case Pump to Nuclear Plant
Jenbacher 1000 kw Dual Frequency Natural Gas to Refinery in South America
Durco Mark III New Surplus Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps to Reseller
65 MW Peaking Facility in Panama, Pielstick HFO 60 hz Brokered to Jordan